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Due to these current times our Psychics and Prophets Current Procedure has temporarily been changed.  For a Reading of any kind we ask that you use our Contact Form (herein) Only; with Your Name, Your Valid Phone Number and Your Valid Email.  Once received it will queue your place in line in the order received, and responded to, in like order.  Psychics and Prophets response will be a confirmation of both Your Valid Phone Number and Your Valid Email first and foremost, as our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy still apply; and Your Agreement still Required by same manner of Emailed Contact Form in  which by using said Contact Form that in doing so, You are stating that You Are in Agreement with both our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy; both of which are required before receiving any reading of any kind from us here at Psychics and Prophets.  Thank You for Understanding.

We are NOT using our Toll Free Number Nor Direct Number at This time; but Only the Contact Form to proceed.  Once we have checked both Your Phone Number and Your Email Address are Valid; you will be given an appointed time (feasible for both parties) for a Reading by/with either Psychic Lady Sonia Lorraine or Anna the Prophet only.  At this appointed time you will be given a FREE 10 MINUTE READING with our compassion for these times we are all currently going through.  IF you wish more time; you will then be given the procedure to pay in order to do so to continue; at which point, you can either be placed on hold or receive a call back once payment is received.  And if the FREE 10 MINUTE READING was enough for you, we thank you for allowing us to speak to you in these times. 

NOTE: Due to the calls we have been receiving, we feel this is a more efficient manner of handling clients, so it's done in a timely manner for those using said Contact Form have been stamped the date and time of Contact Form is sent/received, keeping your place queued in line correct. Link to Contact Form 🔗

We wish all wellness and Peace as we share a reminder that our God/Creator will see us through these times, amen.

LEGAL NOTATION: You must still be 18 years of age to use our services of which we must legally state are for entertainment purposes only. Thank You again. Sincerely, Psychics and Prophets



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