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Angry Akkadians

To quote Lumen Learning and other resources: The Akkadian Empire was an ancient Semitic empire centered in the city of Akkad and its surrounding region in ancient Mesopotamia, which united all the indigenous Akkadian speaking Semites and the Sumerian speakers under one rule within a multilingual empire. ... The empire collapsed after the invasion of the Gutians.  Additional notations: The early inhabitants of this region were predominantly Semitic, and their speech is called Akkadian. To the south of the region of Akkad lay Sumer, the southern (or southeastern) division of ancient Babylonia, which was inhabited by a non-Semitic people known as Sumerians.  Note: The Bible refers to Akkad in Genesis 10:10–12, which states: "The beginning of his [Nimrod's] kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. ... Many later texts from the successor states of Assyria and Babylonia also deal with the Akkadian Empire.  Note: among the important works of art from akkadian dynasty are the bronze Head of an akkadian leader and the carved victory stele of naram-sin.  a stele is a single-shaft stone monument and a relief carving is one where the figures are raised but not free from the surface behind them.