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Along with a Paid Application Fee Per Application. Please,

Only one (1) Application per Month per person, Thank You.

(Group applications accepted with Group Application Fees Paid,

Thank You again for your understanding:
After which, if deemed necessary, you will receive further details to apply for annual membership with our group, entitled, The Hidden. Select ParaNormal Society.
     We take ourselves, our group, its members and our purpose quite seriously, and conduct ourselves with such professional quality which expresses such excellence.  There is a membership fee, as well as dues, once an application is found acceptable to reach that level of membership, and those details will be disclosed at such time, if need be.  Those members who are not accepted, will not receive any reply, however, those who are deemed welcome, will, as stated receive reply.  All members must be 18 years of age or older, or considered legal adult age.  We here at The Hidden. Select ParaNormal Society thank you for your interest.

For more detailed information regarding said application and membership, please use our Contact Page for questions. 

Sincerest Regard,

The Hidden...

Our Exclusive Members are chosen by way of their applications  through our Select Membership Process. It is our endeavor to have a vast array of members, though select they may be, to include those with or without ParaNormal Experiences; However it is a must that Select Members have somewhat of an aligned ParaNormal Perception.  For we wish to hear your opinions, as well as your experiences, along with interests and theories, and though we will accept conflict of opinion, both learned and otherwise, it is only for the sake of debate, and not to condescend any other member, thereby if any member at any time takes to tearing down the fiber of any other member, they will receive no warning other than this warning herein, and will be removed of their membership, causing it to be null and void immediately.  Those who wish to appeal may do so, but with no guarantees, thank you for understanding the need for such excellence.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, thank you again.

Sincerest Regard,

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β€‹βšœPsychics and Prophets

The Hidden - Select ParaNormal Society 
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​The Hidden - Select ParaNormal Society.

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The Hidden - Select ParaNormal Society

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Membership Application Fee(s) to The Hidden - Select ParaNormal Society
Exclusive Membership APPLICATION Fee
Upon Receipt of Application Fee(s), Application process will proceed on behalf of applicant. Only 1 Application and application's Fee accepted per Month. Group applicants acceptable with same procedure as an individual applicant per member of said group. No Refunds. No Exchanges. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone for Any Reason. Must be of Legal Age to apply. Thank You.