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We are the DruiMawr.  Are you inclined to being one of our group; then inquire as to this Distinct possibility.  Tell us about yourselves and why the interest.  We reply to inquiries deemed necessary as soon as possible, Thank You.

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DruiMawr is our Title, though Ancient Title it is who we are (all through history to present times), and if it speaks to You, then you will sea and journey three ~

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Those inclined to do so may inquire ...
We are interested in your inquiries, and will reply only to those deemed necessary, Thank You again.
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SunDay through SaturnDay,,, Hours Varied.

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Do you know innately that you are a DruiMawr ?  Do you feel a strong connection to the DruiMawr ?  Wish to become a DruiMawr as Certified by this site?  If you answered YES to any or all of these questions please contact this site for further details and instruction.

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