Psychics and Prophets

The hiSPANic Truth is combined with many Truths which create the whole of it.  First of all, i would like to ask why it is that when one applies for employment or other application forms one is asked the following: What is your race (?): White, White Non-Hispanic, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indian.  Or one is asked the following: What is your race (?): Caucasian, Caucasian Non-Hispanic, Hispanic, African American, Asian American, Native American.  And it wasn't until recently that it was added White Non-Hispanic or Caucasian Non-Hispanic.  Just pay attention and you will notice this change in the racial ethnicity requested adding the "Non-Hispanic" for a reason.  After all, Caucasian is construed as the colour White by many; however, it simply means those from Europe and the Caucasus Mountains Area.  Thereby, European is considered White or Caucasian based on the application request you receive on your application.  Now here is a thought... Why would anyone consider Spain as separate from Europe(?)  When did Spain cease to be a part of France, Italy, Portugal (?)  It did not; so why separate it in these racial applications that request your ethnic race (?)  For you see, many have realized that fact of Spain being Caucasian (or White depending on application) and thereby in the right by checking the Caucasion (White) racial ethnicity box on said applications.  And now we see the change of Caucasian Non-Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic in the same box categories that include Caucasian and White along with the boxes of same race with "Non-Hispanic" added.  Why (?) Well, i will tell you why.  BUT FIRST... ... ...

Let me share one thing that's actually important in my humble yet learned opinion: Span is not a race nor ethnicity; being a label donned by the Phoenicians during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, upon their hiding half of a tribe in (then) Pre-Roman CeltIberia Peninsula.  I am going to share some facts before i can share the Why behind all of this interesting hiStory.  For there are many Why's ie Why separate Hispanic from the rest of Europeans in racial ethnicity on applications used for some sort of profiling that goes further back than any border(s) and  Why add "Non-Hispanic" to the Caucasian or White profiling boxes on said applications (?)  ...or... Why have so many believed that they are separate from the rest of their Caucasian (or White) counterparts (?) ...or... Why has Hispanic not been dispelled as a racial ethnicity (?) ...or... a plethora of etcetera questions to ask and answer.  So i will repeat: SPAN is NOT a race NOR an ethnicity (so why did it become one on these applications of racial ethnicity) can be answered by learning a few simple hiStorical facts and truths.  The first being what i have shared twice; in that Span is Not a race Nor an Ethnicity.  Span is snot even a Spanish Word.  There is a language they call Spanish with many dialects, which we will cover when it's time to cover this topic.

Let me continue on the explanation of facts, being the meaning behind the Phoenician word Span.  During the dispersion of Babylon by it's ruler Nebuchadnezzar; there were a tribe (bloodlineAge) that were rescued by the purple wearing boat people, known as the Phoenicians and supplanted in another area to be hidden as safely as possible.  And upon their hiding this tribe they donned the CeltIIberian Peninsula with the name Span, which was Phoenician for "the hidden" for obvious reasons.  (Check herein for random and continued updates).